This is what …


… a lil’ master inning does to you:

A friend writes a post just after the awesome Sachin innings today. And he ends up writing this –

The above pic is from Today’s India Vs Srilanka match, where sachin is waving to the crowds after reaching his 50, by the time of writing this post, sachin has gone to make a centure and is still playing.

Now, when sachin is in such a mood, who the hell cares whether the poor souls on the receiving end are from West Indies or Sri Lanka 🙂

Right, rocky? :))

3 Responses to “This is what …”

  1. when sachin is on a song, it does not matter which team is he playing against …. 😛

  2. Right! 🙂

  3. he he .. my mistake .. I changed 🙂

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