2 days of Twittering…


Twitter is for staying in touch and keeping up with friends no matter where you are or what you’re doing. On the web or on your phone.

After the first glance, many would think of it just as a group SMS sending application. But the real essence of twittering is best described by the phrase “present tense blogging“. I have been receiving twitters from some friends since last couple of days and the experience of sharing moods and moments is unprecedented. Neither email nor instant messaging comes close. It simply redefines what staying in touch means!

Though its presently in a very crude form and lacks certain must-have features but should improve with time and feedback. Most importantly, SMS delivery works like a charm, atleast for now. Hope it stays the same with the increase in traffic. And yes, it works here in India too 🙂 Though I am not sure of the rates applicable for the outgoing messages. But you dont need to send any SMS from your cellphone unless you want to.

So, game for twittering?

(I like the above logo much more than their present one. Wonder why they changed…)

3 Responses to “2 days of Twittering…”

  1. Well, think a lil hard for the logo thing 🙂 ..

    A load of feature at launch are always a dampner

  2. seems gud dude. Is sms delivery free?
    I think it can be a problem if sms delivery is free and it is from web. think about sms spam for girls 😉

  3. Tarun,

    I am not sure if I got this right. Does twitter send SMS to mobile phones in India as well?

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